Game Jam

Fuerón 48h muy intensas de mucho redbull y no parar para dormir siquiera... pero el resultado ha valido la pena!
Un juego totalmente nuevo, con una mecánica poco habitual que ademas resulta extremadamente adictivo!
Provadlo, recomiendo por cierto la pista rock mas que la techno.. acompaña mucho mejor y da un buen empuje sonoro cuando consigues controlar las 3 pistas al mismo tiempo (cosa que no es nada fácil)
De momento esta disponible solo en Appstore para España y Canada



2014 review

Today I am very happy to discover that my character MadFalcon appears in the 4th position list of most viewed projects, and also 4th of the most valued in the domestika site in 2014.
Also to appear in Layerpaint and get the excellence adward!
By the appearance of pink in Mad illustrators deadmatch!
They reviewed my work in Areavisual.
My illustrations Daenerys appears in the gallery bloody crowns of deviantart
It has been an exciting year working on several projects, some of which have gone ahead and not others. but I really enjoyed participating in dead in candlewood, house of caravan, shards, dragon city, monster legends, jurassic hunter, league of warriors, and other prototypes.
Definitely a very productive year.

Thank You!

Hoy estoy muy contento de descubrir que mi personaje MadFalcon aparece en la 4ª posicion de lista de proyectos mas vistos, y 4º tambien de los mas valorados en el site domestika en 2014.
Tambien por aparecer en Layerpaint y obtener el excellence adward !
Por la aparicion de Mad pink en illustrators deadmatch!
Han reseñado mi trabajo en Areavisual.
Mi ilustracion de Daenerys aparece en la galeria bloody crowns de deviantart
ha sido un año excitante trabajando en varios proyectos, de los que algunos han salido adelante y otros no. pero he disfrutado mucho participando en dead in candlewood, house of caravan, shards, dragon city, monster legends, jurassic hunter, league of warriors, y otros prototipos.
Definitivamente un año muy productivo.



Gunnm - Alita battle angel

Well, after a long time without posting anything.
I've finally finished my little tribute to Gunnm (aka Alita, Battle Angel)
Hope you like it;)
Bueno, despues de mucho tiempo sin postear nada.
Por fin he terminado mi pequeño homenaje a Gunnm (aka Alita, Battle angel)
Espero que os guste 

More at: www.daninaimare.com


What a great surprise! One of my illustrations of "Game of Thrones" referenced in this outstanding selection of deviantart! cool! : D 


Redefining ilustration of Tarzan

In this exercise I will try to improve the lighting of the scene of the movie, adding volume, occlusion shadows, projected lights ..
The idea is to get a close look at 3D movies
We welcome comments and requests for future images.
you can see the video of the process here: youtu.be/4MTF018EHQg
do not forget to visit my website: www.daninaimare.com


Dead in Candlewood

I am participating in this project that just came out on kickstarter .. Take a look, it is very promising!

An open-world psychological FPS set in ghoulish 1940s America, from veterans who worked on Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. and The Witcher.

Edgar Allan Poe's horror resurrects with Death In Candlewood, a gothic psychological FPS from a new studio made up of award-winning industry veterans who worked onSilent HillOriginsF.E.A.R. Extraction PointThe Witcher and more, plus consultation from BioShock designer.